Journey #1: Yoga for the Yoni


Up & Coming Workshops

18th August 2019 @ Clarence Valley Yoga, Maclean

5th October 2019 @ Heart Body Soul, Lismore

An invitation to woman of all ages and stages in their life who desire to connect back to their feminine essence through the practice of Yoga, Tantra and Taoism.


In the Indian tradition, the Yoni is the divine passage, or the source of life. The Yoni is both womb and vagina. Tantric teachings do not consider yoni just as a female sex organ, but a temple where the  female essence is to be honoured and is associated with the Divine power of Shakti.

This workshop invites all women who want to stay connected or start to learn how to reconnect back to the most potent energy centre of their body.

The practices within this workshop will help assist in the following:

  • Connecting or reconnecting you back you back to your pelvic floor, increase pelvic pleasure and create a deeper connection to your heart and womb energy.

  • Awaken, activate and tone the yoni and pelvic floor muscles.

  • Invite in acceptance and love for yourself as a woman and embrace your femininity

  • promote cellular regeneration and blood flow to the pelvic floor.

  • Expand your creative energy, passion, sensuality and orgasmic potential

  • Release pelvic tension.

  • Deepen your intimacy to self and redefine your relationship to your own sexuality


This afternoon invites women to come together in a safe container to explore, honour and reconnect back to our physical anatomy, and our primal feminine essence.

We begin in circle, weaving our energies together through story.

We then move into exploring the Anamaya kosha, the physical sheath. Here you will be guided through a breath and relaxation process exploring the anatomy of the Yoni, inviting you to embody and   cultivate a physical and sensory connection.

We will then practice safe simple asanas and activations to reconnect the neuromuscular pathways

We continue with a verbal introduction and deeper understanding of the ancient Tao practice of the Jade egg and how you can use it in your own personal home practice to assist in awakening, toning and revitalizing   the supporting muscles of the pelvic floor and associated core anatomy.

We finish our afternoon with a beautiful meditative journey to cleanse the pelvic bowl.


I recently attended Meredith’s “Yoga for the Yoni” workshop in Maclean. A healthy pelvic floor is so important for everyone and it’s something that can always be improved on. As a crone and having had multiple pregnancies, my main interest in attending was to improve my pelvic floor strength. I learnt to isolate and activate these muscles in a way that I’d not done before, so I’m glad I made the commitment to go along. It was a lovely & interesting afternoon and credit to Meredith for setting the room up to create a welcoming and safe space for the women attending.


Genevieve, Maclean NSW

I recently participated in a ‘yoga for the yoni’ workshop with Meredith and a group of women who, like me, were fascinated with the idea - it was an amazing experience. Although we have done lots of work for the pelvic floor in Meredith’s yoga classes, this workshop was at another level of focus, sensing, and connecting with our feminine energy source. It was a lovely group of women to share this experience with - I think the workshop brought out the best, most harmonious, positive energy is all of us and I would recommend it as a wonderful gift to yourself.


Sarah, NSW