Mez Harrison



I have been a Remedial Therapist for almost 30 years, practicing and educating in the field of anatomy, bodywork and natural therapies. 

It’s within this field, I have become a witness to the workings of the emotional and energetic bodies and the varied ways the imbalances of these systems show up within the physical body.

This curiosity has led me down many different pathways of personal and spiritual development. Exploring Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, Reiki and other energy based practices.

Having felt the call to turn my love of yoga into the gift of teaching, I studied with Flo Fenton in Byron bay, then opened Clarence Valley Yoga Studio where my classes and workshops are held at present.

Over the last 7 years my awareness has moved into the embodied practices of Shamanism, Taoism, and Tantric arts and I have been fortunate enough to experience the teachings from renowned practitioners in Australia and overseas.

I am a Tantric educator certified with The Australian School of Tantra. In 2019 completed my training as a Red Earth Temple Womb apprentice with Janine Ma-Ree.

It brings me immense gratitude and joy to bring women together in circle. To support them in finding empowerment through connecting to their true feminine essence, and raising their level of consciousness so that they may live a more integrated, connected, contented and joyful life.