Journey #2: Integration

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Up & Coming Workshops

8th September 2019 @ Inverell

22nd September 2019 @ Clarence Valley Yoga, Maclean

Within this one day journey we deepen the connection to the feminine energy. Through interactive and embodied practices we explore the fundamental concepts of the masculine and feminine energy system. We enhance the feminine awakening through connecting back to the loving essence that is held within the breasts, the gateway to the heart. Opening to the energy flow between the heart and womb and ovaries we expand our connection to our divine feminine. We continue the Jade egg journey deepening our connection, as we activate, tone and restore the vibrancy of our beautiful diamond, also known as our pelvic floor.

Morning session:   Integrating the Masculine and Feminine energies

We are all comprised of both masculine and feminine energies regardless of our biological gender. Within the feminine energy the masculine energy is always present, and vice versa.

The morning workshop introduces you to the fundamental aspects of the Masculine and Feminine qualities within your own personal relationships with self.

As you move your presence into the subtle qualities within these energies, it increases awareness of your own behaviours and reactions, exploring where we may be deficient - excessive, healthy – unhealthy or wounded within the masculine or feminine aspects of your life.  This is a great tool for self-discovery and can be very valuable in your own relationships.

 Through the embodied arts of Yoga and Tantra we move into different practices that  bring you insight and  awareness which   may assist in restoring and counterbalancing these energies

When we find harmony within our Masculine and Feminine, we experience life as a dynamic whole. We are more able to move forward with clarity and a clearer vision, yet we are willing to trust and flow with whatever life brings us.

Bringing these energies back into a more harmonised manner requires reprogramming past conditioning, facing our shadows and that is no minor feat.  Though, by bringing awareness  within  ourselves, not only will our own relationships with self become more balanced and harmonised , it then ripples out to our interpersonal relationships and into the continued awakening of the entire planet. That’s how we create change, by starting with ourselves.

Afternoon session:    Integrating the heart and womb energies 

We deepen the journey with our Feminine essence as we connect back to the energy contained within our breasts. Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned through society , social media, family, friends, lovers, disease etc.  to have some kind of unhealthy relationship with our breasts.

 When a woman is connected to the true power that lies here, she opens more deeply to being connected to her feminine essence. Developing a healthy relationship to the breasts through massage , breath, and sensation helps this empowerment to occur.


 Within the Taoist philosophy, a woman’s breasts are connected to the energy of her heart.  It is believed that stagnant energy is at the root of pelvic and sexual health issues like pelvic pain, yeast and bladder infections, cysts, low libido, and menstrual cramps.

One simple way to open up this energy flow is through breast massage.

 In tantra the feminine positive pole is her heart, from where she gives and radiates energy. When this is activated, combined with her receptive pole of her womb, she can freely circulate her own life force energy for vitality, health and sexual pleasure.

 In the yoga philosophy the heart chakra, Anahata lies between the breasts. This is the area where physical and spiritual meet. Physiologically this energy center includes the heart, cardiac plexus, thymus gland, lungs, and breasts. It also rules the lymphatic system.

The Heart chakra is all about connecting and relating. The emphasis here is on love, giving and receiving, and how open we are in relationships. Love is the energy that helps transfigure emotions and experiences. It’s an essential element in any relationship, whether it’s is with others or ourselves.

Connecting to, loving, and massaging your breasts opens your heart. This is a powerful way to open up your emotional energy, pelvic bowl energy and allow it to flow.


We continue the Jade egg journey through a deeper connection, we activate, tone and restore the vibrancy of our beautiful diamond , also known as our pelvic floor   This workshop is a beautiful way for all women including those who have experienced cancer of the breast, surgery involving whole or partial mastectomy, partial or total hysterectomy. We are working here with both the physical layer and energetics of the body that will enable us to reconnect  back to our potent feminine energy source. I would love you to join me for what will be an empowering, dynamic workshop of embracing the feminine.

Please bring your own lunch .Sarong or light blanket .2 pillows. Pen and journal

Yoni egg if have one (optional)

p.s it is not necessary to have done journey #1 to participate in journey #2