Embodied Feminine Journeys

Resurrecting the feminine essence


The Invitation

Life is a journey. I am grateful to be born a woman.

I have initiated and journeyed with the archetypal energies of maiden and mother; their essence will always vibrate within me, integrating their playfulness, free spirit, sexuality, creativity and nourishing compassion, within the ever evolving energies of the wise woman.

It is time for my fledgling crone energy to rise. To step fully into it’s empowerment of offering and sharing the wisdom of my life learnings so far.

This manifestation has been brewing in the cauldron of my womb, waiting to be birthed. I welcome you to my crowning ceremony and lovingly invite you to share with me, my next rite of passage.

Mez Harrison

Embodied Feminine Journeys

Embodied Feminine Journeys is a manifestation of following my inner calling and guidance. Within the creations of these journeys, many paths and lessons have unfolded for me.  I have had opportunities to meet many wonderful empowering and inspiring women.

Not only those from whom I have had the honouring experience of learning the wisdom of their teachings, but also the women who I have had the pleasure of acquainting myself with through deep friendships, work and the odd random encounters of everyday life. 

It's these women who have educated inspired and gifted me with their presence that have been a positive force in the manifestations of these journeys and my desire to work with women.

I feel there is a deep need to bring women together and so my offerings within the Embodied Feminine Journeys is; 

  • to support, encourage and empower women through awareness, connection, and insightfulness through the teachings of embodied arts pertaining to the feminine energies. 

  • to be a sacred space holder for all women drawn to my offerings. To create safe containers where magic, wisdom and  transpersonal growth unfolds.

  • to hold space for the awareness and healing of the patriarchal wounding that will assist women into finding their own empowerment as we grow into this new paradigm.

  • to  share my teachings and forever growing wisdom through an open loving heart and a non-judgemental mind.

My calling brings me immense gratitude and joy. Bringing women together in circles to support them in finding empowerment through connection to their true feminine essence, and raising their level of consciousness so that they may live a more integrated, connected, contented and joyful life.

I welcome you to the Embodied Feminine Journeys.




Embodied Feminine Journeys is a call to woman of all ages who feel a deep stirring desire to reconnect  back to their feminine essence. Its taking time out to evoke the memory of  remembering how to honour, care for, and respect the beauty of our  female bodies, souls and natural cycles.

Hindu God Tattoo
Hindu God Tattoo
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My retreats offer an opportunity where women come together to share, celebrate and honour their feminine essence.  A space to love, laugh, shed and heal unspoken wounds within a circle of trust and respect. Together we weave the wisdom of sisterhood.

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For more Information regarding one on one embodied feminine private sessions please contact me

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Wise Woman Rising Retreat

North Bali

12th - 18th June 2020

  'Embracing the menopausal journey'