The embodied silence of Abortion

This topic of abortion is such a “delicate matter” to many. I write this with a compassionate heart as I acknowledge that some of you who are reading this may have lost a much wanted unborn child to miscarriage or a stillborn birth .

My heart feels the pain of your loss, and I sincerely hope you were fully supported with love through your grieving journey.

Though, in this post my compassion extends out to those women who have experienced the silence of abortion.

My intention is not to trigger your personal beliefs or be opinionated on what’s right or wrong around a woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy.

My intent is to gently speak into this silence and stigma that still exists around abortion. To share an insight into our innate right as a woman, that it’s ok to feel, express and release, not shove down and forget it never happened just because you made that decision .

Like all unprocessed experiences that emotionally penetrate our being, it sits and brews in the darkness, unconsciously leaking out in ways that are not healthy for our own wellbeing as well as those around us.

I have experienced both miscarriage and abortion. My grief was felt deeply with both of these experiences , though I could speak out , be heard and supported after the miscarriage without fear of judgement or shame . But when I chose to terminate a pregnancy ….. it was done in silence and secrecy . And so was the grieving. The pain ripped through my heart like shards of glass, so much more intensively than when I miscarried.

Why? Because the abortion was a conscious choice. And even though I had absolute clarity and “knowing" that to terminate that pregnancy was the right decision to make for myself and the circumstances around life at that present time, not only did I express immense feelings of grief and loss , but attached also were the other emotions that we as women are conditioned with around the stigma of abortion within our social, cultural and religious upbringing.

This past month I have had the honour of being present and holding space for two woman each at different phases of life … who made the personal decision to start the journey around acknowledging ,feeling , processing , releasing and integrating their emotional wounding that has detrimentally affected their lives in one way or another since their decision to terminate their pregnancy .

Innately they knew on each of these levels … mentally emotionally physically and spiritually, this was a process that needed completion to allow them to open more fully to life.

It takes a lot of courage to feel into buried emotions, bring them to the surface and fully surrender to what lays within ……

Though once we make that decision to emotionally “unpack”… its almost certain that the right people will turn up to assist in your healing journey. It’s just how the universe works.

It's also certain that you will be gifted with a new found lightness in your body ,a heart more open to joy and a renewed sense of connection and empowerment to self and to life .

Much love Mez

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