Yoni Eggs



What is a Yoni Egg

For women, the health of our sexual organs is vital not only on a physical level but, energetically , emotionally, and spiritually. It is a sacred and expansive component of our feminine body, which holds the power of both pleasure and creation. Unfortunately in our culture of main stream society, our sexual organs and our sexuality is a much “suppressed “ and often shamed subject.

We are moving into a time where woman are rising out of this suppression and looking more into ways to nourish, connect nurture and heal their own sexuality needs. And so I welcome you to the Yoni egg .

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone made out of 100% natural crystal. It is inserted into the vagina to assist with pelvic floor strength and to enhance internal sensation.

These precious gems are for those women who are ready to explore and reconnect more deeply to their feminine essence.  While you are reconnecting you’re also awakening neural pathways from the Yoni to the brain, which perhaps have been dosing for a while. When this  connection starts to rewire, not only do you become more present and aware to the sensations of your sexual organs, you also begin to activate , tone, strengthen and rejuvenate the muscles of your pelvic floor, or  “diamond “ as I like to refer to it .  And just as important, you start to cultivate an awareness to consciously soften and relax throughout the whole of the pelvic bowl, which may invite in release of much stored tension and  healing on different levels    .

No matter what your age, the yoni egg is a wonderful safe way to stay connected to your feminine essence.

 I share some of the benefits you may receive from working with these beautiful gems;

  • as mentioned earlier , it assists in helping woman connect or reconnect back to the pelvic space,       which in return increases pelvic awareness and pleasure.

  • Awaken, activate and tone the ( yoni ) pelvic floor muscles.

  • Invites in acceptance and love for yourself as a woman and embraces your femininity

  • helps with vaginal dryness

  • promotes cellular regeneration and blood flow to the pelvic floor .

  • Expand your creative energy, passion, sensuality and orgasmic potential

  • Releases pelvic and vaginal tension.

  • Deepens your intimacy to self and your relationship to your own sexuality

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Sizing Information

This is a little difficult to assess as whether given birth or not , menopausal or  still in your moon cycle  we all have our own varying levels of elasticity and tone depending on genetic factors as well as physiological and emotional.

This is just a general guide.

If you’re a beginner or a woman who hasn’t experienced vaginal childbirth and not showing any or only minor signs of incontinence I suggest you start with a medium size yoni egg. If you have experienced childbirth ,menopause and have not been practicing any pelvic floor toning and  are experiencing mild incontinence I  suggest you starting with the large sized egg  and then gradually make your way down to a medium.

At present I only stock drilled eggs which are easier retrieval and medium and large sizes, though I can order small if requested.

Here is a size guideline  Large size (50 x 40mm) (2.0x1.6 inch)  Medium size (43x30mm) and small size (30x20mm) also available.

Rose Quartz

I love the energy of the rose quartz crystal. It feels very different to the other crystals when working with it internally. Very soothing, gentle and caring.  A nice way to start connecting your Yoni and heart energies. This stone is often called the Love Stone as it communicates with the Heart chakra. When you are ready to dissolve your emotional blocks, when you want to give and receive the energy of love to yourself and others, this is a beautiful stone to use.

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

Releases negative energy, can assist in healing sexual trauma, helps with grounding as it resonates with the energies the Root Chakra. It is said can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths rushing to the surface, which have to be confronted before peace can return. When you’re using Black Obsidian, you’re opening a path for releasing suppressed emotions from your body and getting rid of old traumas.

Jade Yoni Egg.jpg
Nephrite Jade

In ancient China Concubines and Empresses used Jade Yoni eggs for centuries for the health of their sexual functioning. Nephrite Jade Egg is the most dense, non-porous and unbreakable stone other than perhaps a diamond! which great for beginners. On a subtle energy level, Jade is a very gentle gem, a calming, balancing  stone.  It is said to have the ability to help heal the female reproductive system.