" A GIRL IN THE WORLD" by Amber Harrison

I've invited my daughter Amber Harrison to come aboard on Embodied Feminine Journeys blogs to share when she desires , her deep expressions and insights of her world as a free spirited young embodied woman. She has been journaling since she's been a young girl and has continued to capture and express her many "unfoldings" of life throughout her travels around the globe and within her own transpersonal growth. I hope you enjoy her first offering . May she inspire the young.... and older , woman of the world .You can find more of her insights at…

"A GIRL IN THE WORLD" by Amber Harrison

How to contribute to this page.

How to contribute to this movement.

To this community.

To this circle of women, so wise, so fierce, so soft, so encompassing.

When I am just a girl in this world.

A girl who has conquered the world as she knows it. A girl who has dug so fucking deep, and only scratched the surface. A girl who has cried, who has screamed, who has howled and raged. A girl who has blended, a girl who has yielded, hid behind masks, repeated mistakes.

A girl who has climbed some mountains higher than her elders have yet stepped. Who has thrown herself into fires before others have even touched those particular flames. Who has faced her shadows. Who has faced society of her time.

And yet, I am still only a girl.

Still only a maiden.

And my ego doesn't like that.

I feel that, because my hands have not created life, that my womb has not created force, that I have not screamed in childbirth, or broken in marriage, that I have not felt the unconditional love, and tearing pain that only my own flesh and blood can provide, that I am still merely a maiden.

Still merely a girl.

The bottom of the rung.

And yet the power I feel inside of me. The strength I feel inside of me. The self awareness. The intuition. The primal. The sexual. The nurturing. The emotion. The knowledge and the thirst for more. The spirit inside me, will not allow me to feel lesser than my circle of sisters, women and elders.

I believe we all have a very important part to play. In each of our stages. And we may, or we may not progress as time goes by, but this does not diminish the super fucking important role we each need to play with all our might to carry out this divine feminine circle. This symbiosis.

I can only speak as a maiden, as a girl.

We are wisdom unfolding. We seek and receive the wisdom from the mother and the crone. We feel this, we interpret this, and we transmit this to a time that is relevant. Our time. Our way. Our future.

We are passion dancing. We have youth and radiance at our fingertips. We have the greatest power to choose how we use our bodies. How we use our love. And how we react to intimacy. We shape ourselves and others with our bodies and hearts.

We are emotion. Raw and ragged. Unfiltered. Not fully understood. We ride on the back of the waves and the dragons and the clouds and the moon. We scream we howl, without question nor comprehension.

We are adventurers. Independant and free. We seek meaning. We seek satisfaction. We travel to the ends of the earth and do not stop until we reach truth, connection, satisfaction. And we do this naively, trusting, blindly and alone.

We are selfish. The greatest hedonists. We are the holders of the most wonderous piece of clay, and we set out to shape, to shake, to adorn and re mould ourselves. We have the freedom and power of personal gratification. Without limits.

We are movers and shakers. We are trumpeters. Drummers. We are dreamers, with the passion and the fury and the energy and the time to stand on uncertain and unplanned ground. We haven't been broken. We haven't calmed down. We haven't dignified.

We are the foot soldiers. The front line. We cannot survive without our elders behind us. Wise. Tactical. Patient and loving.

We run in first. We make cracks. We make waves. We test. We try. We fall. We fly.

We play our part, in learning. In growing. In sharing.

And we are guided and mentored every step of the way.

May I move through my stages. Or may I not. I know that I will never look back on this cycle of my life and think that I was only ever just a little girl.

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