Trusting in our wise woman wisdom takes courage and surrender . Its not just a matter of thinking these words. Its a MATTER of embodying these feelings . .

Can we trust ourselves enough to surrender? Can we surrender into trust?

When anxiety surfaces the solar plexus constricts , the heartbeat fastens . The mental self throws fuel into the fear body , the uncertainties ,the what ifs , the fear of failure,the fear of not being worthy enough.

At times when Im resisting life , I sit and feel into these powerful words ....... courage... trust ...surrender .

Each time I meet my shadows , the less I choose to turn my back to them .I no longer wish to ignore , suppress, bypass these emotions . To sit and be present with our fears, our "lack offs " takes courage trust and surrender and is a huge part of allowing our wise woman to evolve into her greater expansion.

When I drop deep into my feminine essence and feel into this resistance ,the more It allows me to cultivate the courage to just be with them, feel them, allow them to move through me how ever they may call.. They may reveal deep heart felt suppressed sobbing grief , or rage and anger that I vent on my loungeroom pillows..... it may be just wanting my body to surrender into spontaneous radical movements and weird noises. ( and yes if living in suburbia helps to close the windows and curtains :) or it may be just asking to be sat with quietly and be acknowledged.

I understand now its not even a process of "getting rid off "these emotions , as my shadow side is much a part of me as my strengths,. Its more a matter of integrating them with awareness ,love , compassion, and expression.

Transitioning into our wise woman cycle is a time to tread softly in our inner world, which softens our step in the outer world .More than ever this chapter of life is an inside job. Its a time to honour the wisdom of our feminine . Listen deeply to what she calling to be free from. It’s time to unpack all those heavy bags for good

When you find the courage to surrender in trust ,you allow life to reveal itself through you.

Its just a matter of courage ,trust and surrender.

Blessings Mez x

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