The gift of pregnancy .

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

I have had quite a few enquiries from woman who are pregnant, asking whether Embodied Feminine Journeys is suitable for this time in their life .In one short answer YES ABSOLUTELY.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and important time to tune in to our heightened senses and state of awakened intuition, It's a time when a woman should feel a deep sense of connection to their bodies . A time to feel into the subtle sensations occurring within our energy body as well as the more noticeable physiological changes taking place as our unborn baby grows within the womb….. but it not always how it is.  

These days with busy lifestyles , more controlled intervention from doctors , social conditioning around pregnancy and the stories of fear that has unfortunately been bred , all have to some degree or another disempowered and disconnected many woman from their bodies as well as their intuitive feminine wisdom.

Yoga for the Yoni workshop offers a wonderful experience for pregnant woman to drop in and connect with their feminine energy. To connect to the anatomy as well as the subtle energies contained within this beautiful sacred space .

Not only do I feel there is a great need for a more HOLISTIC PELVIC Care approach for woman in general , but also for us to be reminded that reconnecting back to our pelvic space is reconnecting us back to the very essence of being a woman. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time to fully explore, embody and embrace our feminine energy. When we are connected and in touch with our essence we become vibrant and radiant. We move into a place of self-empowerment , trusting our intuition to make the right choices .

Workshops and private sessions are available .Please contact me for more information .

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