Moon Pause ceremonial blessings

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

My womb blood ceremonial blessing started the night before the full moon. I start  preparing my elixir. Under the light of the moon I placed in a glass bowl, water, and my rose quartz crystal and my intentions .  Both to receive the charge of the moons energy.

The next morning I meditated deeply into my womb space . Bringing alive the past senses of my womb blood opening . Feeling into the ripe fullness of my womb before she shed. I remembered the energy in my ovaries and how alive they felt. I felt into the heaviness that my breasts once carried before my bleeding began. I cup them and gently massage them bringing my breath into my heart space sending the energy down into my heavy womb  and awakened yoni, where  memories ignite of how I loved the primal rawness, messiness of making love when I bled.

That afternoon I walk Angourie back beach  to collect more essence for my elixir . Red ochre from around the coffee rocks walls that fringe the beach. I love this beach. The energy here is feminine pregnated from the women of the Yagal tribe. I can feel their presence. I ask silently for permission to take this red earth for my womb blessing.

That night I prepared my “blood stone". Scaping my ochre rocks together creating my blood from the essence of the red dried clay. I create my ritual space upstairs on my bedroom balcony. I journey back down into  womb, inviting in memories, once again allowing my senses this time to feel into the release of my blood moving  through me, remembering the surges , the releasing , the shedding . How i loved squatting on the grass, letting go, watching an feeling my blood release back to the earth .

Under the full moon I pour the sacred red ochre powder into the bowl as an honouring of my past womb blood to be united with the moon charged water and the heart energy of the rose quartz .

 My heart, my womb is opened to be embraced and fully integrated as I move into my last rite of passage, invoked by the energy of the crone as she continues to awaken me, deepen me, transform, rebirth and renew me .

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