Lets Talk about earth

Lets talk about earth …. I mean lets be real here . Where would our human bodies reside if we didn’t have our planet as a host . Yet how many of us have not yet really taken the time to drop into this earth energy and feel deep gratitude in our heart for her many gifts she offers , her resilience , how she keeps showing up time and time again ,century after century for our ancestors and our children of today and hopefully their children to come . She creates, feeds, nurtures and oversees us as we journey through our cycle of life ………she is our source of life. As scientist and environmental activist David Suzuki expresses “We are of the Earth, every cell in our bodies formed by molecules derived from plants and animals, inflated by water, energised by sunlight captured through photosynthesis and ignited by atmospheric oxygen,”

Her ability to rebirth from death, decay, destruction is astounding, yet we take her many gifts for granted. A few weeks ago I walked what was a few days before , an abundance of spring life,now reduced to ash inflicted from the fires that raged through the hundreds of acres of national park that backs on to where I live . I felt a deep calling to walk her burnt earth, to feel into her ashen matter, to feel into what I thought would be her wounding pain, but it wasn’t. As I walked the scorched, parched land, I felt only her joy, she was ok, she was still alive, she was renewing as I walked upon her . I felt her strength and support and deep love. I spent the day on the head land merging into the energy of the ocean, the cliffs, the sand, the land. It was a day of deep grounding , processing , expressing and releasing the past few months of pent up emotion . I can’t fully articulate how healing that day was. That walk, the deep connection I embodied with Mother /matter invited me to have a clearer depth of relation to the cycle of “death” within my own personal losses I had recently experienced as well as the land around me . We live so much in our mental mind, our materialistic world, we forget our intimate connection with earth . We forget that we all have this natural ability to connect with her, heal and inspire from her ancient wisdom. Our breath is the beginning of this cyclic connection .Through our breath , we can begin to calm our overstimulated nervous system . And what is breath? Its nature’s gift: the exhalation of trees. We surrender the busyness of the mental chatter to our breath , cultivating peace as it moves us deeper inward , which then allows us to connect more intuitively with our own energy and earth energy. We move onto an embodied state of being centred and grounded …. as above so below as within so without. This is when transformation happens . Yoga is one of many practices where we can begin to explore,and embody these gifts. Its through these gifts we start to cultivate more awareness , mindfulness and connectedness to ourselves, others and all that resides around us .Peace within ... peace on earth.

Blessings Mez x


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