Lets Talk Feet

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Spring has bought me out of hibernation,  the weather is getting warmer which means our feet may also soon be out of the constant confinement of winter shoes and enjoy basking in the light of day…… so lets talk FEET ……………Now I wouldn’t go as far as saying I have a foot fetish,  but I do  LOVE feet , and over the many years of  practicing remedial therapies and teaching yoga ,I have got to meet many shapes and sizes, loved , preloved and neglected.                            

Our feet tell many stories. They create our foundation; they are the essential elements in body movement. They bear and propel weight of the body during walking and running. They help maintain balance during changes of body positions. They connect us to the earth. Though we take them so much for granted , forget that they are even attached to  the bottom of our ankles, until they give us pain.

You most probably have never thought  about it, but there are 11 muscles of the lower leg that are actually foot muscles. We call these extrinsic, meaning they  operate from outside the foot. The point of this fact is that  the pain in your feet may not be your feet, but trigger points in your calves and shins.

Obviously, serious conditions resulting from physical trauma or congenital deformity do affect the ankles and feet of many people, nevertheless, myofascial trigger points are always part of the picture even when other conditions exist. By releasing these T/Ps in the lower leg, it may bring about less pain, more ease, mobility and better quality of life to your feet.

So give your feet some love..... they are what connects us to mother earth and keeps us moving forward in life . 

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