Maiden Energy...... our youthful radiance

As women grow older, our bodies continue to change. From our young pre adolescent years, our bodies prepare to bring forth our first moon cycle , the start of menstruation.

I can’t fully remember my own transition, but as my maiden years unfolded ,the healthy aspect of her enjoyed the innocence of my adventurous spirit and the freedom that come from within that . I loved following my curiosity and lived a quite spontaneous life. I allowed myself to explore and experience sexual pleasure with my first boyfriend , surprisingly with no guilt attached considering my upbringing within the christianity belief system .

There was also a lot of unhealthy maiden energy unfolding within this time as I turned my back from the “norm” of society. Unaware I was desperately searching to find my own identity, I didn’t know who I was, or, what I wanted, so it was also a time of seeking which brought confusion, rebellion and depression.

As a mother I remember quite clearly my daughters transitioning. Her swinging moodiness as her little girls body physiologically prepared itself for womanhood and the maiden energy to birth. And as for most of us at this tender age of life, she began to grow away from the intimidate conditionings of the immediate family in search of her own identity . And still to this day is exploring and embodying the many aspects of her maiden energy.

The maiden is the phase in a woman's life that represents new beginnings , spring time , freedom , rebirth , adventure, desire ,and sexuality. She is vitality, innocence, carefree and your inner child.The maiden is the new waxing moon .Its from the maiden we learn the secret of youth. And then ... there is the unhealthy aspect of the maiden

So many young woman have such an extreme depth of desires, strengths ... gifts within them , but for most maidens, we need the maturity of age to bring this energy into its fullest expression .

We may find ourselves revisiting the maiden archetype many times throughout our older life. When the kids leave home and our primary role as a mother has shifted, we may ask who am I? What do I want? Or we may embody the maiden energy again when we enter a midlife intimate relationship or even if we feel the need to cultivate more joy and the sense of freedom again in our lives: The maiden energy is always within us .......evoke her presence and enjoy her offerings she brings forth.

Blessings Mez x

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