To worth respect

SELF worth may be easy words to say and think , but when it comes to internalising this feeling ,really sitting with it , how many of us come up against mental and emotional resistance to feeling deep authentic love for ourselves As grown adults we are still learning how to TRULY love one self...... sadly some never get there .Sometimes there is so many layers of unworthiness armouring the body that it contracts and suppresses our freedom and our ability to share our greatest gift which is our true self. Instead we may soothe these feelings with addictive behaviours which loops around to making us feel even more unworthy. We may become the victim , feel shame, guilt , anxiety, become suppressed and depressed . These are our shadows and even though we unconsciously or consciously hide them, they find triggers to reveal themselves in some tormented way ...why ..not because they purposely want us to feel "bad ' they are crying out for help ,they want to be acknowledged, felt ......They are a part of us that needs to be healed and integrated not suppressed or shamed . My....self is much included in what I share with you , as i have been confronted with my lack of feeling worthy since a child and it has perhaps been one of the most challenging explorations I have had to experience with self on my soul journey.

There are so many different facets involved with why we end up feeling not worthy within ourselves. We all grow up with different experiences , different environments , different DNAs . If it was as easy as feeling good on the outside because our hair is freshly cut and coloured or we just had the best little surf morning or had some other external validation to boost you up , well everyone would be walking around feeling pretty chuffed with self . But that's an illusion .Its just not possible to receive one’s self-worth on external factors. The real deal lies deep within and it takes awareness,inner work, time and compassion to self to change the stories that have influenced us to believe that we are not worthy........ of what ever . The first shift happens ( and i'm writing this from my experience )...when we begin to awaken the unconscious mind,we become more aware of our thoughts ,how our thoughts make us feel in our body , like do they contract or expand us ? do they make us feel heavy or light ?From this awareness we start to develop mindfulness. We begin to acknowledge when our inner critic starts to judge criticize and condemn ...We become more aware of the triggers that may cause us to react and fa

ll back into negative patterning. Most of all we learn to be kind , compassionate and patient with our shadow self while its healing and integrating and slowly from this awareness our journey to self love starts..

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